What Would Mr. Darcy Do?


Abigail Reynolds


Rating: 5 out of 5


One Sentence Summary:

What if Darcy didn’t immediately leave Lizzie in Lambton after she got the letter from Jane about Lydia?



This variation diverges from the original when, instead of letting Darcy leave her at Lambton, Elizabeth chooses to express how much her view of him has changed. This creates a domino effect on the rest of the story, one that’s sweet and passionate all at the same time.

What Would Mr. Darcy Do? is actually the first Abigail Reynolds book that I’ve read. And what she excels in is tension and suspense, though in varying amounts for all of her novels. In this case, she focuses more on the tension. As in, the rising tension between Darcy and Elizabeth as the former endeavors to convince the lady to marry him, and the latter works out her rapidly increasing warmth of feelings for the gentleman.

Since there isn’t much by way of obstruction to their coming together, the story comes off as a light-hearted romp to the altar. In fact the main problem seems to be, since they can barely be expected to keep their hands off of each other, is how fast they get there.

There are issues they each have to deal with of course. For Elizabeth, she comes to understand Darcy and accept the depth of his love. For Darcy, he learns that his opinions are not the only ones that hold weight.


What I Loved:

  • Since the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth is already a given, I’d like to put emphasis on Georgiana’s relationship with everyone else. She is a wonderful bridge for Lizzie and Darcy and gives Lizzie needed insights into Darcy’s character. She’s also a bit braver here, even teasing her brother once in a while. The friendship she develops with both Mary and Kitty was also refreshing to read.
  • Jealous Darcy! I always love a jealous Darcy because he always has to try and hide it, but fails.
  • The surprise wedding, it was sweet AND hilarious.


What I Didn’t Love:

  • None that I can think of right now actually.


All in All:

I think this is an excellent place to start if you’ve never read any of Abigail Reynolds’ books. It’s a bit of fluff that you’ll definitely enjoy going back to time and again.

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