The Phantom of Pemberley


Regina Jeffers


Rating: 5 out of 5


One Sentence Summary:

As a mysterious force is enveloping Pemberley in a shadow of fear and death, Elizabeth and Darcy must do their best before something happens that cannot be turned back.



Oh boy. I’ve read Darcy’s Passions and Darcy’s Temptation before (which I loved), but Regina Jeffers is truly an amazing mystery novelist. The way she writes, you’re never really sure if you know the answer of if you’re detective skills are highly lacking. And that makes for an absolutely exciting ride!

Like most of her Pride and Prejudice mystery novels (none of which are continuations of each other, in case you get confused. I did…), Jeffers adds a handful of new characters into the mix. Here, we have Cathleen and the Viscount Stafford (the lovers) and Mr. Worth and Mrs. Williams (Lydia’s new found friends). There’s also Lydia Wickham, Lady Catherine, Anne, Mrs. Jenkinson, and a Lieutenant Harwood (Anne’s supposed fiancé).

With such an assortment of unknowns, it’s not much of a surprise when strange things begin happening inside the walls of Pemberley. Each character has their own motive for being there but it’s when items start disappearing… and people dying, that things get serious. And precisely because there are so many motives going around, that there’s more than one mystery for Darcy and Elizabeth (and us) to solve.


What I Loved:

  • There’s more than one story to the whole thing. There’s Anne’s quest for freedom, the resolution of Cathleen and the Viscount’s relationship, and Lydia’s unhappy marriage. And even though that’s so, it’s fairly easy to keep track of it all. The characters themselves are so memorable (without overpowering Elizabeth and Darcy) that they are very easy to care for or sympathize with.
  • The villain. I’m not going to spoil who it is. But wow, I got chills when everything was finally revealed. To look into such an evil is hard to fathom. Such a condition!


What I Didn’t Love:

  • Again, this is something I’m just ambivalent of. There were minor points (the hidden room) that were a tad predictable, mostly because it’s been used in a previous P&P mystery book by Miss Jeffers as well. Not that it takes away from the whole mystery, that’s revealed early on anyway.


All in All:

I couldn’t put down this book! I was reading well into the night (which is a conducive atmosphere for this kind of story, mind you) and it even made me do my own research as well. Ne’er-do-wells beware! The Darcys prove that they are a forced to be reckoned with.

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